Thursday, 17th August, 2017

Avem Capital’s Neil Crammond featured video Interview with Galen Stops of Profit & Loss | Avem Capital

Avem Capital’s Trading Floor Risk Manager, Neil Crammond was interviewed by Galen Stops earlier this week as part of a feature with the Profit & Loss magazine.  Drawing on Neil’s wealth of technical experience the Profit & Loss magazine were keen to understand more surrounding the industry wide “Flash Crashes” that have caused vast losses for those traders caught in an active trade.

Galen’s interview centred on the key theme of – “Following the sterling flash crash last year, there has been much industry debate about what the increasing regularity and severity of these events means for FX market participants and whether anything can be done to prevent or mitigate their impact in the future.”

Neil’s respected and detailed understanding in the finance sector provides a unique insight that is respected by industry experts from around the globe, some citing him to be the Oracle of financial markets.

See what Neil had to say here:

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