Friday, 15th December, 2017

Help Center | Avem Capital

Ongoing Account Questions

How do I check my portfolio and performance?

Upon completing your investment contract with Avem Capital, you will be allocated a secure portal for accessing your investment status and portfolio.  You will be able to monitor trades and associated performance of each strategy in your investment portfolio.

How do I discuss my account or concerns with you?

You will have a dedicated investment relations manager assigned to you immediately upon your initial contact.  They will be your direct point of contact, which you may be directed to once connected to our telephone network.  You may also use the contact and case management tools within your portal to gain fast communication which ever your query.

How do I contact the clearing house that my account is with?

CFH have an excellent communication team and you will be able to contact them directly.  We will store the account manager and contact details for your CFH account in your portfolio, allowing you to make contact through your portal too.

How can I obtain my current account balance and payments made to Avem Capital?

You can obtain all of this in your portal and download all data to your computer.  You may also view detailed reports and charts on your main dashboard.  CFH will also be your actual account holder, so you can reconcile against them.

If Things Go Wrong

What if I'm not happy?

The last thing Avem Capital would ever want is for an investor to be unhappy.  Whatever the reason, we would ask you immediately either use the portal or contact your investment liaison manager.  They will ensure your issue is dealt with immediately and steer you back to happiness ASAP.  You can escalate within the portal at any time and we will ensure a case is recorded and management are informed.