Friday, 15th December, 2017

Extraordinarily Strategic Funds

Fund investment can be daunting, even for the professional and sophisticated investor. At Avem Capital it is key that our potential and current investors understand the investments we provide and what the best fit is for their own personal portfolio strategy.

Developed over long periods of time, our funds use a combination of focused investment expertise, directed leadership and highly advanced computational analysis. Avem’s funds are brought together by some of the most respected business, financial and trading managers of our generation. With experience across such varied, but intensely focused verticals, our infrastructure delivers potentially the best possible application to the range of Avem Capital funds.

We offer the following funds:

  • The Foreign Exchange Focus Fund
  • Venture Capitalist Fund
  • Bond & Money Market Fund
  • Equity Focussed Funds

The Foreign Exchange Focus fund was our initial offering, developed to take on the fast paced and highly volatile FOREX markets of the global financial speculation industry.

Our traders are extensively experienced in short term, hedging and macroeconomic event trading, with a focus on high impact strategies. The fund is comprised of three separate, short-term strategies.

We are passionate about new enterprises and start-ups. Our Venture Capitalist fund is ideal for investors that share our taste for a new venture but don’t want the hassle of hands-on angel investing (i.e. providing capital directly to the business itself).

This fund invests your capital into new enterprises and is then managed by people who really understand early stage businesses.

Not all investors want the buzz and rush of foreign exchange or venture capitalism. A good investor will always want to build a diverse portfolio.

Our Bond and Money Market Funds could be just the thing, they reduce the risk in exchange for a steady return.

Our Equity Focussed Funds tread a balance between the Venture Capitalist and Bonds Fund. They carry a moderate risk but also promise a moderate return.

Whether by looking at macro economic trends or micro level individual company factors, the aim is to provide positive year on year growth or income by investing in promising equities.

Inherent risks in investment

As with any financial investment, it is important to us that you are fully aware of the risks involved with each of our funds. Understanding the risks will allow you to select the best fund that matches your appetite to risk.

Each fund has its own page detailing risks specific to that fund. However, some risks are common to all our funds and there are 3 key investment risks that we carefully and routinely manage irrespective of the fund type:

Leverage Risk

Many of our funds use leveraged instruments, usually derivatives, to some degree. These allow us to generate a greater profit as well as manage risk if the market moves against us. But with leveraged instruments losses can be magnified, and it is possible to lose some of your initial capital or even more than your initial capital.

Market Risk

The value of the investments we make can go down and up, such as share prices, bonds and exchange rates.  This can affect returns both positively & negatively.  However, derivatives mean that our investors can benefit from both positive & negative movements mitigating this risk.

Other risks

Include interest rates, currency, counterparty, liquidity, concentration, credit, inflation and foreign investment risks. To learn more about these,
please click here.

Who are our funds suitable for?

  • Avem's range of funds are designed to cater for a broad variety of investment objectives and appetites for risk, meaning that many investors will be able to find something suitable for them.
  • Our first fund was the Foreign Exchange Focus Fund, which is targeted at professional, sophisticated and experience investors who are able to manage a short term loss for stronger returns in the medium term. Our bond and money market funds cater for investors looking for a relatively safer option, but lower returns as a result. Our equities based funds are more appropriate for investors looking for a mix of risk and reward.
  • Whilst some of our funds allow immediate access to your invested funds, to reap the full benefits of your investment, all our funds have a suggested investment period, and will suit investors able to set themselves that horizon.
  • Investors that accept that any investment fund value can go down as well as up, and that performance may vary over time and isn't guaranteed.
  • Investors will need to make a decision about which of our funds is most appropriate for them
  • Investors who want to feel that our traders are genuinely working to achieve the same goals as they are.
  • Investors looking to diversify their existing portfolio
  • Investors looking to hedge other investments.
  • Investors will also need to meet the minimum investment requirements which are specific to each fund.

Who our funds are not suitable for?

  • Investors who require a guaranteed level of return
  • Investors who need to be guaranteed that they will get their initial investment back in full.
  • Investors who are unable to accept the timescales recommended for each of our investments
  • Investors who cannot absorb a short term loss in return for a greater return.
  • Investor who are unable to meet the requirements of the specific fund they are interested in.
  • Investors who are unable to meet the initial investment requirements for the fund they are interested in.

Highly Important Information

During your investment/s selection process, it is highly important for you to read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the fund, the prospectus and terms and conditions. These are available in the Key Documents page for each fund, along with the How to Invest section and directly from us via the postal service. If you have a wealth or financial advisor, you should consult them before making any investment application. Avem Capital is not authorised to provide any investment advice. You should note that your capital is at risk with any of the Avem Investments and you may receive less than you invested. The foreign exchange focus fund utilises leverage trading, which could result in a negative balance with our clearing house.