Friday, 15th December, 2017

Intermediary Partners

Avem Capital provides a unique portfolio of investments for our Clients, catering for various tastes, wealth and duration of investments. Partners are an important aspect of our life cycle and we look to develop equally beneficial relationships for both you and your Client.

At Avem Capital, we have developed an attractive partner programme in order to develop and retain longstanding relationships. We work tirelessly to provide a friendly level of expertise and transparency within our partner community to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal to support the end Client. We work hard to assist the entire Client and investment lifecycle and are on hand to discuss each individual’s requirements in relation to this.

As an Avem partner, you will gain access to a wealth of tools, resources and support to build and develop your business with your Clients, both old and new. From branded materials, partner logos and sales support, through to cosponsored events; Avem is on hand every step of the way through your development.

It is extremely important for us, to have on board the best intermediaries, thus we are committed to the continued growth of them.

Avem believe in ensuring our Partners are rewarded, just as our Clients are. As a result we operate a lucrative profit share and referral scheme for intermediaries that is based on a sliding scale to ensure the best thrive.


Intermediary Profit Share

  • 0-£500k; 1% of investment amount up front, plus 2.5% of our profit share (1% of profit)
  • £500k - £2m; 1% of investment amount up front, plus 5% of our profit share (2% of total profit)
  • £2m - £4m; 1% of initial investment amount up front, plus 7.5% of our profit share (3% of total profit)
  • £4m+; 1% of initial investment amount up front, plus 10% of our profit share (4% of total profit)

Partner Programme

  • Partners can work through Silver, Gold and then Platinum partner status, with increasing rewards on route.
  • Avem are proud to have developed a fun, educative and prosperous partner programme that includes:
  • Twice yearly Partner Conferences
  • Once per year partner awards
  • Bonuses for the best performers - from the best newcomer, through to the highest achiever
  • Regular discounts on VIP events, holidays and sporting events globally
  • Invites for the best partners to exclusive VIP client events
  • A Partner Portal for tracking billing, performance, fund performance and Avem Self- Billing
  • Regular networking events for partners, including meet and greets, wine tasting and weekenders

Please note that partnership is to the Avem Foreign Exchange Focus Fund only at this stage.

The above information is to assist you in entering the positive and potentially prosperous Intermediary partner programme presented by Avem Capital. We welcome your interest and are on hand to answer any questions should you have them – Contact Us.

Read more about our Partner Programme here

This information does not represent investment advice, recommendation, or inducement to buy or sell financial instruments. Avem Capital accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of the information provided and for any consequences that may result therefrom. No express warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Consequently, any person acting on it does so entirely at his or her own risk.

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