Friday, 15th December, 2017


Avem Capital’s success is built upon a dynamic and experienced wealth of expertise, proprietary risk-management and advanced trading technology.

The Avem Capital team comprises world-class talent from the financial, technology, institutional and professional sectors. Our collective accomplishments and dynamism has enabled Avem to build a refined infrastructure that actively manages, mitigates and utilises portfolio risk to deliver a successful and effective approach to trading.

Read more about the core team members below.

Steven Jupp

Chief Executive Officer

With a broad range of expertise from a career in the IT sector, Steven has established a reputation for leading companies to success. His mentorship of Avem Capital has fuelled the growth of the business as an entity and driven the development of our proprietary risk management and Client relations technologies.

From his humble beginnings as a software developer of commercial games to his work developing projects with some of the world’s most powerful ERP systems (including BaaN, SAP, Dynamics AX and SL), Steven has been a leader in software development and design since the 1980s.

Steven was an early pioneer of the Managed Service Provider model of IT support and founded the white-labelled MSP products in use today by some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

Since “retiring” in 2010, Steven has been active as a private angel investor, managing, mentoring and guiding a range of companies to successful growth. It is Steven’s ability to seek out and engage with highly disruptive businesses, along with a developing a strong analytical bond with Steve Long (Avem’s Chief Risk Officer), which has led to the development of Avem Capital’s latest income funds.

Steve Long

Chief Risk Officer

As a Chartered Mathematician, making him part of a select group of the top 2,500 analytical minds in the world. Having been involved in risk analytics early in his career, his first role post university was for Kent Fire & Rescue. Here, Steve led a successful project delivering real time online monitoring for a radical policy change in the way the service responded to automated fire alarms. There’s no greater risk to manage than when human life is on the line.

Steve brings a broad range of risk management experience to the Avem Capital team. A career highlight to date was consulting for Granite Equity Partners, a private venture capital firm managing some $370m in assets. Steve conducted risk assessments for each of the companies they had interests in, prioritising a range of corporate, management and financial risks to reduce the overall risk to the portfolio.

Further evidence of Steve’s experience can be seen from his work with a company providing alternative, unregulated investments; a sector where risk is significantly higher. Steve’s role required him to undertake a comprehensive review of each new investment opportunity, identifying risks, challenging projected returns and conducting thorough due diligence to ensure that potential investments presented to customers had a limited risk as much possible, whilst also achieving their expected returns.

With a successful background combining both risk and analytics, in just 5 years prior to joining Avem Capital, Steve has worked with a broad range of 175 companies from around the globe, from start-ups to major international corporations, delivering 300 business growth projects.

Kay Jupp

Chief Communications Officer

Kay’s extensive experience in managing dynamic businesses and marketing campaigns is brought to bear in building the infrastructure necessary to support the growing complexity of communications and public relations at Avem Capital.

Hailing originally from financial services, Kay took on the Operational Management of the Jupp family businesses in 2004, building an effective structure capable of supporting a multi-national, multi-company group through rising compliance demands and an increasingly competitive global marketplace.  Kay is a shareholder of Avem Capital Limited and has acted as Chief Operations Officer since March 2017.

Her private marketing practice, established after “retirement” in 2010, has commanded multiple corporate and prestige business campaigns, culminating in an international contract with one of the world’s largest fashion houses.

Kay’s “Get it done” attitude makes her the powerhouse behind the communications of Avem Capital and drives the wheels to success daily.

Nasia Davos

Performance Coach

Drawing from a range of methodologies, including her own, Nasia is on call to help each member of the Avem team to achieve their full potential through customised plans and strategies. Much of her time is spent working with traders to enhance performance and manage the pressures of the markets.

Nasia’s self-development model has been featured in the Huffington Post and at TEDx talk. Her career experience and qualifications encompass a range of areas and include psychoanalysis (in which she earned a Master’s degree), Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Psychology, hypnotherapy and time line therapy. Her early career as a psychologist focused on anxiety, depression, low confidence, autism, ADHD and addiction in both clinical and educational settings.

You can find out more about our Performance Coach function here