Friday, 15th December, 2017

Exemplary Execution

Avem Capital is the amalgamation of some of the brightest minds within the global financial markets.  It has demonstrated continued excellence in the development of enterprise software and foreign exchange and is fast becoming a market leader in diverse and disruptive investments.

Since Avem’s inception, we have continually built upon our extensive market experience to consistently offer an innovative and modern approach to fund management, whether aggregated foreign exchange (FOREX) trading or income funds.

Empowering the industry on fund management through our proprietary strategies and advanced technology, Avem Capital offers unparalleled visibility into your investment activity whilst providing a unique commitment to personal service.

With the removal of annual management fees, our cost structure is focused on benefiting you, the Client.

Our Execution

With the sole aim of delivering highly calibrated portfolio returns, our investment strategies are driven by an extensive understanding of technical and qualitative analyses into a plethora of markets and business opportunities. With an internal maximum leverage limit of 25:1 for trading, our proprietary risk management system applies highly sensitive and dynamic risk parameters to ensure that levels are not breached. Operating in tandem with our proficient trading staff and highly experienced risk managers, our system expertly regulates both trade-level and portfolio risk.  

Our people

Our success is built upon a dynamic and experienced wealth of expertise, proprietary risk-management and advanced trading technology. Our accomplished and dynamic team has enabled Avem to build a refined infrastructure that actively manages, mitigates and utilises portfolio risk to deliver a successful and effective approach to currency trading. Our long term funds are based on rich data whilst our business experts hail from mentoring and venture capital backgrounds, delivering exemplary investment funds. Read more about our leadership team here

Working Together


At Avem Capital we only provide fund management services to professional clients, as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority.  To do this we require a minimum investment of £50,000.  This investment allows us to focus our services to a smaller niche of like-minded people, negating the turbulence of retail clients.  

Our Culture

At the very core of our culture is an entrenched access and control approach: you will always enjoy complete access and control of your funds thanks to the ring fencing offered by CFH Clearing.   Furthermore, Avem Capital trades your account under a limited power of attorney - we are only authorised to control trading decisions and have no control over the movement of assets.

At Avem we do not impose a tie-in on capital, resulting in a zero obligation commitment to us. However, to ensure the full benefits are realised, we do recommend a minimum time horizon of twelve months to take advantage of our excellent approach.

Using our proprietary client dashboard, you will enjoy near real-time access to all trades, allowing you to track and participate in the performance of your account as much or as little as you wish. Added to this, our dedicated investor relation managers are on hand to assist with any inquiries via secure message or phone at your convenience.

Unlike other Asset Managers, Avem Capital offers this exceptional service without charging you an annual management fee.

Avem’s achievements are based on the conviction that our profit margin should be based on yours and as such our performance fee is only triggered once a high-water mark of account value has been met.

Find out more about Becoming a Client here

This information does not represent investment advice, recommendation, or inducement to buy or sell financial instruments. Avem Capital accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of the information provided and for any consequences that may result therefrom. No express warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Consequently, any person acting on it does so entirely at his or her own risk.

Avem Capital Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under number 10683565. The company's registered office is 3 London Wall Buildings, London, England, EC2M 5PD.