Friday, 15th December, 2017

IT Infrastructure

Unfortunately, many institutional funds have invested little more than a retail trader would, when trading from their home. Little thought or concern for security, resilience, failover, data storage and ultimately the infrastructure of that which now is a technology dependant industry.  There is still an overall disjointed approach to team investment and trading, with disparate teams unable to operate together in an efficient and effective manner.

Fund management and trading as a whole has since migrated from the old world trade floors and the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE).  It now operates in a modern high speed and high impact IT driven landscape.

At Avem Capital we have placed great emphasis on technology.  Our CEO, Steven Jupp has injected over £1M of technology infrastructure into Avem Capital, delivering a technology focused corporate backbone into how we trade.  From vast Cisco based internal security, routing and switching services, through to enterprise edge intrusion detection, prevention and masquerading services – Avem take security of our infrastructure more than seriously.

Despite having a team of four software developers working continuously on new algorithms, we do not use these to trade.  Our algorithms are there specifically to manage our traders and keep a close, careful eye on risk, capital management, margin use and runaway trades.

With our algorithms working 24×7, we ensure every trade, trader and risk manager are performing to the level we expect.  Rewriting the book on how technology is used within the industry we have utilised a pioneer of data security, MSP technologies and leading high speed, low latency networking.  As a result, Avem Capital has changed the world of algorithm use in trading.

Taking this further, Avem have partnered with SKS Financial Technologies Limited.  Being their first client for a new team based risk, trading and financial operations system, SKS’s technology has been developed to integrate directly into our Salesforce CRM and financial planning system.  The software is the first system globally to incorporate real team based investment and fund management.

Exchange Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Our Corporate email solution controls the sensitive business data at Avem Capital. We havea co-developed DLP policy based on and exceeding regulatory standards including PII and PCI-DSS, UK Data Protection Act and UK Financial Data. A full list of our DLP and ledgering is available at the bottom of this page.

UK Storage and Hosting Encryption & Breach Detection (EBD)

All data, whether its CRM data, Financial data or documents, are stored on secured hybrid cloud servers within the UK. Our main storage provider is through Salesforce, utilising SSL encryption on all client data and financial accounts. Stringent EDB is in place to secure and deter against attempted data breach.

Customer Relationship Management Onboarding &
Lifecycle Management (OLM)

Avem Capital has engaged with our partners Salesforce, Sage and Microsoft, along with a vast internal software development programme to develop a fully integrated corporate CRM, Accounting and Portal to ring fence the onboarding process and successfully manage the lifecycle of our clients.

Case Management, Escalation & Client Satisfaction (CMECS)

Our clients are the heart of Avem Capital, without them we cease to exist both financially and morally. As such, every communication with us is treated as a ‘case’ and through internally developed software workflow, tight procedures and recording of every communication, we aim to excel and exceed each client’s satisfaction requirements when undertaking any correspondence.

Algorithm Assisted Trading Management (AATM)

Our algorithms have been developed internally to manage day-to-day trading and so much more.Utilising our trading servers, located in London Data Centre 4 (LD4) with 1Gb/s bandwidth and 1ms latency to our clearing house, our algorithms are in the best position for immediate trader assistance and proactive platform management. The algorithms provide tools to assist, manage and alert 24x7, 365 days a year.

Heads up Management Dashboard (HMD)

The AATM algorithms also build a dashboard which our Executives, Risk Managers, Counsellors and Compliance Officers can utilise to make informed decisions light years ahead of the usual reactive risk and compliance methods employed elsewhere. A risk manager can engage, stop and alter an entire profile from anywhere in the world, all from the high speed alerting functionin LD4.

Infrastructure Monitoring, Management & Security (IMMS)

With a dependence on technology comes a dependence on uptime and problem free computing. We employ our own internal IT support Managed Service Provider solution, pioneered in 2007 by our CEO. The security services also detect any potential joining into our networks of rouge or unmanaged devices, along with ensuring traders are not able to execute, modify or cancel trades from unmanaged devices, including phones and tablets. Managing, monitoring, patching and securing are fully automated 24x7, 365 days a year.

Load Balancing, Replication & Failover (LBRF)

Along with IMMS, our MSP solution ensures replication of all system vital services and software. When demand is high, extra resources and/or bandwidth are deployed within seconds. In the unlikely event of system failure, a replicated server, workstation or device can also be brought online. During any failure, our primary or secondary algorithms are alerted and take into account potential trade risk – shrouding active trades and removing profit trades to protect your Investments.

Low Latency Tier 1 Transaction Processing (LLTTP)

A condition of Avem Capital’s internal IT infrastructure is an inherent requirement when selecting a clearing house and many were found unsuitable. CFH (please see partners) was selected with a direct presence in LD4, allowing a VPN between our servers and theirs. Transactions to ten banks are processed in milliseconds, reducing slippage and spread to the smallest of margins.

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