Friday, 15th December, 2017


At Avem Capital we utilise the expertise of our in house performance coach to ensure the performance of our traders is maximised and the pressures of the markets managed.

Drawing from a range of methodologies our performance coach is on call to help each member of the Avem Capital team to achieve their full potential through customised plans and strategies.

Our performance coach’s career experience and qualifications encompass a range of areas that include psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Psychology, hypnotherapy and time line therapy. Some of which has featured in the Huffington Post and a TEDx talk.


So what is Performance Coaching?

A process whereby the coach facilitates the development and growth of the Avem team member so that they can achieve their desired goals, bring changes in their lives and reach their full potential while feeling happy in the process.

Many of us may be more familiar with performance coaching being used in sports. Innovatively at Avem Capital we have identified the benefits of implementing this methodology and utilising it within our business execution.

This process includes:

  • Developing new skills
  • Planning
  • Understanding how the mind works and tapping into unexplored potential
  • Challenging thoughts and beliefs and offering alternative perspectives to consider
  • Boosting responsibility and accountability
  • Doing ‘homework’
  • Setting short-term and long-term SMART goals

Three important factors in our coaching approach

1. The coach and the trader are to be equally responsible for the outcome

Explanation: The coach does not give advice about trades; instead he/she helps the trader clear their head and reflect on their knowledge and experience (like a mirror).

Advantages: This is important because every person has their own model of the world and their own perspective. The purpose of performance coaching is to help someone become his/her best self. The individual is also much more likely to follow their own advice when it comes from within.

2. The process of making sense and solving your own problems is highly rewarding

Explanation: Over time, the open-ended questioning skills are a must to enable the individual to reach an understanding by him/herself.

Advantages: Problem solving becomes an automated skill that each trader can do by themselves, thus making their decision making more successful whilst trading.

3. Trust and confidentiality

Explanation: The coach always has the best intentions of the trader and trust is developed through honesty and non-judgmental listening.

Advantages: To ensure the most is achieved from the performance coaching process, a level of trust and confidentiality is required.

The Benefits of Performance Coaching and How it
Increases Profits

Helps traders be 100% focused on their trades

  • Developing task - confidence and self-confidence
  • Breaking habits that interfere with their performance
  • Removing the fear of failure, fear of missing out and fear of being wrong
  • Helping them ‘go in the flow’ when trading so they can make high-risk yet successful decisions in stressful, uncertain conditions. Note: this ‘flow’ state is also called ‘mojo’ in trading.

Constant improvement of trading

  • Analysing their strategies and learning from what went wrong and what went right Planning of strategies
  • Increasing discipline by setting productivity habits and routines in place (what to do every time before a trade, after when losing, when winning, when preparing, when worried about non-work related things).

Maintains emotional wellbeing

  • Teaching how to use their emotions instead of being used by them
  • Leverage their Emotional Qualities (EQ)
  • Work - life balance
  • How to manage stress (a small amount of stress enhances performance because it makes our focus sharper. However, excessive stress and worry before or after the trade, need to be eliminated)
  • Helping them be resilient and learn from failures
  • Adopting habits that focus on improving fitness, sleep, personal and professional relationships & emotional state. All of these affect the trades - directly or indirectly

  • "My goal for traders: after every session to feel focused, happy and have a clear action plan." -Nasia Davos, Avem Capital Performance Coach

A word from our Performance Coach

“Someone’s issues, worries or problems are like puzzle pieces scattered around. Some are evident others are not.

Coaching is the process of putting the puzzle together, making sense of what it means and deciding what to do with that new understanding.

The role of the coach is to help the trader put the pieces together and come up with their own interpretation and action plan.

Most coaches use the GROW model. I enhance this model with techniques and strategies from NLP, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology.

I develop a unique plan for every person to assist his or her individual needs, desires and challenges. Each plan is adjusted as part of the ongoing coaching process to ensure continued development.”