Friday, 15th December, 2017

Smart Portfolio Management

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do at Avem Capital. Putting your trust in us brings with it certain responsibilities. One such responsibility is giving you, our existing and potential investors, visibility of how we are investing your money.

Providing you with our highly disciplined and expert driven investment semantics is critical in assisting you in your decision to make Avem Capital your preferred investment partner. Our unique combination of selecting the correct index to hedge against, our analysis of companies injected into our funds, along with offsetting against currency futures, brings stability over existing or potential holdings.

Avem are leaders of Macro-Economic long-term outlooks and deciphering the noise around the plethora of news circumventing our planet. An advanced scientific and financial technology department works hard on our Artificial intelligence with an active investor, taking the pilot seat prior to, during and when closing our investments.


The foreign exchange and derivatives markets, whether over the counter (OTC) or Exchange based, are heavily traded on a daily basis - with some derivatives being thinner than others.

The Avem macro-economic trading strategies use our own proprietary AI algorithm, pinpointing shifts and events of proportions otherwise almost impossible to detect. Unlike High Frequency Trading and many other algorithms, our tech is just the supporting side of the overall toolkit, with expert portfolio managers driving decision-making


Our Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers and Traders are an active part of an ecosystem of the Avem family, relying on their own decision making processes rather than following the markets. This approach adds value to our investment purchasing and management.

Avem are adverse to the index style of invest and hedge. This provides us with a unique ability to act independently from the markets, although comparable, it helps us avoid the usual lemming style pitfalls.


Apart from the rapidly changing and diversifying currencies market, we undertake a long-term approach to investment management. Our approach works on the value of the entity, commodity or derivative to our funds, not just the price in the market Delivery of growth from the chosen entity now, or in the future, delivers perfect long-term returns on investments for our Clients.


All our selected companies and programmes that we invest in are a long-term interest to us. We carefully select those companies or entities that we are able to deliver value and engage with to assist in their own development. We meet regularly with management teams to assist in their own development. We meet regularly with management teams to ensure their business goals are aligned with the very share holders they are expected to deliver for. It is imperative that Avem Capital's selected companies partner with us to succeed and return a successful investment for our Clients.


Our Clients are the heart of everything we do and the importance of a fluid Customer Relationship Management and easy to decipher Data Presentation is our primary goal to achieve enduring customer satisfaction.

A professional investor should be able to quickly and efficiently analyse their investment performance, whether it be in one of our funds or in multiple funds. At Avem, we believe you should have a portal to investigate performance counters, past history and future expectations.

We appreciate however that not everyone wants to see numbers on a screen and charts plotting progress. Some investors like to speak to one of our dedicated and experienced team members – we of course welcome that approach and are on hand to speak with you should you wish.