Friday, 15th December, 2017

Business can change our world

Avem Capital supports the world’s most serious social and environmental challenges. Through our work in supporting charities we aim to be more than just a capital donator. It is in our nature, as human beings, to go beyond that of which a monetary donation may provide. Instead, based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare, we are providing encouragement through business support.

We champion charities and non-profit organisations taking on humanity’s largest challenges
True to our internal philosophy we seek out impact-driven, humanity focused organisations. We help them develop integral and scalable business models and assist them take on the everyday pains of business. At Avem Capital we help share the challenges charities face to ensure they achieve the greatest outcomes possible.
In a changing world, Avem Capital helps others take off
We bring great visions to life, be they cultural, educational or health orientated, ensuring projects turn dreams in reality. With Avem Capital’s philanthropy initiative, you have a voice to be heard!

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Our Beneficiaries are creating a better future for us all
We are proud to support organisations, programs and projects tackling the problems facing our world today

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