Sunday, 22nd October, 2017

The yearning for discovery, to develop and see beyond barriers

A child views the world without preconceptions, a world without barriers and one full of opportunity.  A blank canvas with which to learn and discover, a child’s environment is an arena for the mind to contemplate and explore all that it offers. The ...


A desire to take the new world and develop for our people

New life brings with it new ideas and great developments.  Embracing the technological world with an innocence and unblemished outlook will provide unrivalled opportunities with which to celebrate future success. From the great open cry trading floors of ...


Development of complex systems for deep learning

The innocent look beyond the barriers of differences and instead look forward at an inspirational and open future.  Adopting this innocent outlook within an effective team structure offers unrivalled performance. As a team, Avem FinTech brings with it a ...


Embracing technology and artificial intelligence

Since the legend of Icarus, the idea of the creator being destroyed by his creation has long been a compelling fantasy.  To some extent, we operate a Frankenstein narcissism for the tech elite, with people being terrified of the “take-over” of artificial ...


To work with technology for the development of the great

A machine can only improve its performance with continued development.  In order for the intelligence systems to be capable of computational market analysis and deep learning, we have to work with the greatest minds.  Teaching machines is congenial to the ...


To learn together and improve as a whole

To look at a machine with its somewhat alien processes may be bewildering to some, but to the open mind, the processes are the chance to work and learn together.  With mankind currently witnessing only one percent of AI’s potential, over the next decade we ...


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